Get more traffic from digg & stumble by gaining more votes using personalized greeting message

Social Bookmarking Website like Digg and stumbleupon are one of the best source of traffic for your website.In fact about 70% of one of my website’s traffic comes from stumble.

The problem with the traffic from social networking websites is,that its not very consistent.You need to have more votes to get more traffic. In case of you need to have more digs where as for Stumbleupon you need more “thumbs up or reviews” to get a consistent traffic.

Let’s see how SU works.You give your thumb’s up to a page. Initially SU refers low traffic to that page (as per my knowledge ,initially they refer old and top stumblers to that page). If they give a thumbs up to that page then you get more traffic from SU until the ratio of THUMBS-UP per REFERS remains high.

So I coded a very simple javascript to greet users coming from the social networking websites and asking them to give a thumbs-up OR digg to that page.I tested this script for about one month and its worked very nicely,especially in case of Stumbleupon votes.

Its a very simple javascript which check the page refer using ( document.referrer) and an if-else ladder to find the case.Then a popup dialog box (using alert function) is used to display the message.


if ((document.referrer.indexOf( ‘digg’ ) > 1))
alert(“welcome Digg user.If you liked the content then please digg this page”);
else if
((document.referrer.indexOf( ‘stumbleupon‘ ) > 1))
alert(“welcome SU user.If you liked the content then please give a thumbs up to this page“);


Similarly you can add others if you want.You can also add google/yahoo/msn to greet users from search engines,but it makes no sense to greet users from search engine.

I am planing to code a wordpress plugin with this script after my exams get over. Although you can use this script directly on your wordpress blog. Just place this script in the <head> tag of the template. If you are using Joomla then you can use this script or you can also use a extension known as mfReferral

If you want to check this script, then you can use RefControl .

Current issues with this script:

  • Doesn’t work on IE6.I guess IE6 Doesn’t pass refer data to JavaScript.You will have to use php.
  • This script cannot sidtinguish between subdomain and domains.So and are the same for this script.

Please comment if you find this script useful :) .

Few images from Mumbai terror attacks

Mumbai is under terrorist attack.There were ten simultaneous attacks occurred across Mumbai 26 November 2008.Till now least 125 people are dead, including at least six foreign nationals,and about 327 injured.

Mumbai Attack 26th nov

Mumbai Attack 26th nov (source

Mumbai Attack 26th nov

Mumbai Attack 26th nov (source

Mumbai Attack 26th nov

Mumbai Attack 26th nov (source IndiaTV)

Mumbai Attack 26th nov images

Mumbai Attack 26th nov (source NDTV)

Taj On Fire ( Source Unknown)

Mumbai Attack 26th nov

Indian Commandos (source

Mumbai Attack 26th nov

He lost his brother in Mumbai terrorist Attack on 26th nov (Source TV)

source Vinukumar Ranganathan blog

Pis of the 26th nov (source Vinukumar Ranganathan blog)

Mumbai Attack images source unknown

Shocking Images from Mumbai CST Station (source unknown)

I collected from various sources(TV Twitter etc internet).I don’t claim the copyright of any these images.

Block The Visitors Who Are Using Ad-Blockers

While checking your website’s stats you may have thought that, although my site has a good traffic but my ad revenue very low, why so?? Then you might have tried all the different positioning, color and format of ads to make them more attractive.

Actually the main problem is ,even you make changes to your ad formats to make it more visible and attractive, majority of the visitors do not want to see them. Most of the regular Internet users uses ad-blockers. Especially in case of FireFox, people use an add-on named – Ad-block plus [Even I am using it :p ].

Ad Blocker gets both positive and negative reactions.Majority of people love it, as it blocks all those unwanted ads .On the other hand the webmasters hate this add-on as it disables the source of income for ad supported websites.

Let’s see what we can do to block/redirect these vis…. (more…)

Funniest Email Forward I Ever read!

This one is the Funniest Email Forward I Ever read! .This email made me ROFL for hours.It was forwarded by Sathya

Here it goes

(Vijaykanth is a popular Tamil film actor from India)

1) U can study and get any certificates. But ucannot get ur death certificate

2) U may have AIRTEL or BSNL connection but when u sneeze u ll say HUTCH

3 ) U can bcome an engineer (more…)

Prevent your Paypal account from getting limited

Almost every day hundreds of threads are created on webmaster’s forums about limited PayPal account. I am using the PayPal account from last two years and my account got limited once. I contacted their support several times about this issue and came to know about various reasons why an account gets limited.

Although once your account gets limited there’s no way to restore it without sending them the required documents. So it’s always better to take care about your account so that it doesn’t get limited. Here are a few major reasons why so many PayPal account gets limited.

New account and unverified accounts: New accounts, especially unverified accounts often get limited just after their 1st transaction. PayPal monitor these accounts very closely so it’s always better to use correct account details while registering so that you can provide the required documents in case your account gets limited. Verifying your account is always a good idea. All you need is a valid credit card. Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) works quite nicely for verification but using VCCs for PayPal verification process is illegal and you may lose your account if they come to know about this.

Account verification : If your account is unverified then (more…)

Manage multiple email accounts from single Gmail account

Maintain and Manage multiple email accounts from one Gmail account

Probably you have 100s of email IDs, One for your official works, one for personal usage, one for spam protection, one for registering on various sites, one for your website and so on. Although having multiple emails gives the convenience to do your work systematically and saves your from unwanted emails/SPAM but it’s a real big mess when you have to login each of them regularly just to check mails. Life is already complicated, why make it worse. Here’s a method to maintain multiple email accounts from a single Gmail account. You will be able to receive and send mail from that single Gmail account using all of your IDs. First of all you will require a Gmail account .If you don’t have one then create one by visiting It’s free and you don’t require any invitation. The signup procedure is easy and fast. In this example we are considering 3 email Ids

  • 1 in Gmail
  • 1 in yahoo pro mail (free accounts doesn’t have forwarding feature)
  • 1 pop3 account ( your website etc)

After going through this guide you will be able to manage all your email accounts form one single Gmail account .You will be able to receive all your mails on different IDs to this single Gmail account and will also be able to send emails from different ids using this same Gmail account. For example you will be able to receive all the mails in

  • (Gmail account ),
  • (yahoo pro account ) and
  • (POP3 Account )

on a single Gmail account ( in this case it will be ).And you will also be able to send emails as OR OR from the single account . For sake of simplicity we are going to call

  • as the master account
  • and child1 account
  • as child2 account
  • as child3 account

Now let’s start


A guide for cheap domain registration

There are thousands of domain registrar’s and their count is increasing day by day ,hence giving rise to competition on the domain registration price.

So, I will be comparing all the reputed domain registrars and the price they offer in this post .I will try my best to keep this post updated.All the prices are valid for 1st year only. Refer to the respective websites for the full details.
This price list is as on October 5th, 2008 .If I have missed any reputed and old registrar then please mention it on the comments. If you want to place your own domain registrar company on this page, which is providing the cheaper registration price then the present one then please contact me

Few Recommended Registrars

Domain Name Selection

.COM Domains $6.99 $7.19 $7.49 ( Use the code 7UD9ID ) $8.02 $8.99 $9.25 $9.69 $9.99 $15.00 $34.99

.Net Domain

Net $5.89 $5.99 $6.64 $6.99 $6.99 $9.25 $9.69 $9.99 $15.00 $34.99

.ORG Domains

ORG $6.89 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $7.99 $8.02 $9.69 $9.99 $15.00 $34.99

.INFO Domains

INFO $1.49 $2.98 $3.50 $6.25 $6.89 $6.99 $9.95 $9.99 $15.00 $34.99

.BIZ Domains

BIZ $6.99 $7.19 $7.99 $8.02 $9.69 $9.95 $14.99 $15.00 $34.99 $6.99 (Currently free)


BSNL Cellone GPRS Configuration settings

BSNL Cellone is one of the biggest cellular service provider in INDIA.Even though they are very huge, most probably the biggest mobile customer base in INDIA, their service is not up to the mark.Espically the customer care and Addon services (including the GPRS service) is very bad .BSNL Cellone was one of the 1st providers who started providing GPRS in INDIA.Although time passed many other companies came in market and due to the competition the price of GPRS was reduced by others,BSNL Cellone never bothered to review their 2 year old GPRS rates ..A freaking Rs 20 per MB (Approx 50 cent /MB). Anyways the speed is good.

BSNL Cellone have introduced many ways to provide their customers an “automatic configuration download system” ,By using these you can directly download the settings from internet to your mobile phone without any charges. (Although god knows why  they never ever notified their customers about this feature :-/ ) . To get your GPRS Settings automatically

Visit :

They will Send the settings to your phone within 5 mins (Well…There’s no gurantee :| .. Afterall Its BSNL )

If you do not get the settings then .. . . (more…)

Build links and Sell links on your high pageranked pages

Pagerank A very special criteria maintained by google to rank the importance of a webpage OR website.A Pagerank is one of the many important things a webmaster cannot ignore. In fact it is one of the the main motive of SEO.Pagerank is also a very important factor to analyze the overall value of a website.

Google measure the pagerank of a website by calculating the number of backlinks to that website OR webpage and hence it give rise to “Link Exchange”,”Reciprocal link placement” and even encourage “Link sales”.Many webmasters sell the links on high Pageranked pages .”Paid reviews” OR ” Paid Blog posts” works on the same concept of link building.So if you are also considering selling your links then head on to digitalpoint forums.BUT make a note that google penalize sites who sell their links so, try not to mention your website/Webpage’s address on the thread.

Also Google doesn’t index sites who are involved in “link exchange programs” SO don’t go near link farms, If you want to exchange link then find websites related to your content and EMAIL the webmaster personally.Its a good idea to say a few good things about their website and to mention the benefits of link exchange.A three way link exchange will be a good idea cause if Google finds a reciprocal link on both the website then it may penalize both websites for link exchange.

So Now if you want to exchange or sell your links then make a note of the pagerank of all your pages.You can check your page rank on the google toolbar ,and note them on a Excel sheet.BUT This process will be very painful if you have too many pages , So use the to check page rank of all your pages in bulk.You can also export the results in CVS Format.

Now as you are ready with the reports ,use google and find the websites which are related to your content and start emailing them.Also if you want to sell them then use the forums link digitalpoint and make a new post on their “LINK SALES” Section ,Don’t forget to mention your pagerank and the amount on the thread title,Also mentioning the Niche of your page in the thread title.

Interesting things about domains you may not be knowing

Things you should know before reading this : TLD -Top level domain ; gTLD-generic top-level domains example ; ccTLD – country code top-level domains example – .us /in

  • and are the only “single letter” .com ever registered ,After the registration of these two domains the registration of “single letter”.coms were prohibited .Currently is owned by and is owned by paypal labs
  • Domains can’t end/start with a “-” hyphen .None of the registrar will allow you to register any such domain BUT is the only website which was registered before this rule was established hence it is the only domain which ends with a “-” hyphen
  • Although no one knows , what is the most expensive domain ever sold but as per Guinness Book of World Records is the most expensive domain name in the world.It was sold to Marc Ostrofsky 1999 for a price of $7.5 million.But few recent studies shows that was the most expensive domain ever sold (about 14 million ) , although the actual figure is unknown.
  • The domain extension .TV is mostly used for Television /music/entertainment related websites but actually its a ccTLD ( COUNTRY CODE TLD ) of Tuvalu an island in South Pacific.Similarly the ccTLD .FM belongs to Federated States of Micronesia
  • There are over 250 TLD ( including ccTLD like .us/.in and gtld like .com)
  • .example , .invalid, .localhost and .test are the four reserved TLD and will never ever become an actual TLD
  • Similar to ccTLD and gTLD, “iTLD” which is used exclusively for Internet-infrastructure purposes ! .arpa (confirmed) and .root (existing without any reason) are the two extensions under this category