How to earn rapidshare points

So as you have reached to this page I guess you are an downloading junkie ;) and you know what rapidshare is!

Also most probably you know about the free and premium rapidshare accounts.Let me start from “what is rapidshare?”
Rapidshare is a file hosting service which provides a hassle free and very easy feature of uploading your files so that you can share those with others .Alternatively the downloaders can call it very annoying and a comparatively costly file sharing service.There’s another definition : Rapidshare is a file hosting monopoly :| ,It have a monopoly over all the other file hosting sites

There is a limitation like waiting time,Single file at a time etc. for those users who use the free mode of downloading from rapidshare.whereas the premium account doesn’t have any such limitation.

A premium account cost about 10 USD for one month account alternatively you can also create a premium account from the rapidshare points which you have earned from your collectors account.You require 10000 points to get one month of rapidshare premium account.

You will get 1 rapidshare point/download if the downloader downloads the file which you have uploaded,  via that rapidshare link as a free user AND your file is bigger than 1 MB also the downloader has generated less than 5 points in the last hour.

Seems like impossible??! Nop! actually it’s not that difficult.

Let me share some tips to get tones of rapidshare points easily BUT first . .. . . . create an collector account where you can upload your files.HOW ??!! .Just upload a regular file via the home page of the upload you will be asked automatically if you want to have a free Collector’s Account.

The key for Rapidshare points is to upload files ! The more you upload the more you points earn.So the question arises “what all you can upload” ?

On a broader sense you have five options :

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Games
  • Applications
  • E-books
  • Movies – Generally movies are of 700mb-1.4GB ( 1 CD to 2 CD) so ask your self, if you are free downloader then will you download 7 -14 files with all those limitations like time limitation per IP,single file at a time etc ??
    No you wont!
    Most of the free users are attracted to low file size downloads ,In the case of movies,Upload your files in the form of RMVB format which is the most preferred format of free users ! Believe me ! RMVB format movies have the same quality but low file size about half that of an avi file most movies are about 350~400 can google for rmvb converters there are many available
  • Music and audios – This will also help you fetching rapidshare points BUT less than rmvb movies because most of the albums are of single archive,so only one point !! But movies are of 3-4 parts so you earn more points as a user will have to download all the parts.
  • Games - That’s a strict no!no! if you are uploading files for rapidshare points they fetch the least points cause most of the games are about 1GB means atleast 10 parts and with a time limitation up to 2 hours after one file download in free mode .None of the free rapidshare user is going to download a game which will take a minimum of about 20 hours of waiting time !
  • Applications and softwares – this is the best option !Go to OR any downloading service .have a look at the top list and upload all those application.applications are of very small size and is the most preferred download of free rapidshare downloaders.
  • E-books – They are not in huge demand BUT you may consider them

Now the question arises how to spread the links for earing more rapidshare points ?
The answer is there are many communities OR forums on the internet which share movies music and application ,They may be illegal OR legal.The choice is yours weather you want to share legal files OR copyrighted files (which will obviously generate more point BUT is illegal)

Let Google answer about which forums to choose :

Best of luck Please post your more tips in the comments :)