After 3 years being with at last I shifted my website form to

As you have already noticed this blog is also hosted by freehostia and believe me its the best
when it comes to free hosting.Although both 50webs and freehostia are owned UK-based LiquidNet Ltd. but freehostia is better.

As times are changing my needs are changing.First the “basic html” was more than sufficient for me by I am slowly shifting to server side languages .So I need better features,which are provided by freehostia.

Here is my review on freehostia

Free offerers most of the features of paid hosting for free like php,mysql etc. with a huge limit of 5GB bandwidth per month.They provide all details of bandwidth usage by their own system.
The siginup is easy and one can quickly start his own site .
If a person wants to start his blog then he can easily install wordpress using “elephante free scripts” in the control panel
They offer 2 domian,10 subdomain,1 database(of 10 mb), and storage of 250mb hosting under free plans.which is more than sufficient for a normal site/blog.They offer a pop3 serice for recieveing mains (SMTP is disabled under free plan),The mail() function is disabled under free plan which is quite necessary to keep spammers out of the way.They also have an 500kb file size limit.

The control panel can be customised as they are skinable.
If very easy to use for newbies.You can set custom 404 error pages.

The problems are downtimes.They have about downtime of about (at max) one hour daily ,and they dont discuss about downtimes with customers (even not with paid customers).
I am sure they only take it down when it is really needed, but it does happen a lot more than I would like. If you need to have a very stable site, then this is not for you. However if you do not mind your site being down for an hour or so each day, then this is an awesome site for you to use.
MySQL is sometimes too slow, and the webpages will not show up (or come up with 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR). That can be discouraging at times. But again, the free hosting is still worth it, and still worth the money.

So here is the summary


– Huge badwidth Limit
- Almost any script type supported
- No safe mode or any junk like that on PHP
- 250 MB disc space for files!
- A 10 MB mySQL table size .
- A stellar benchmark of 37 ms
- The free websites can handle ridiculous amounts of web traffic at a time.


– It goes down once in a while(downtime), may be they are having some serious problems at that time.
- I have heard they ban foreign countries sometimes (mostly Asia, Africa, and South America).
- The default error page sukz (Although you can have custome error page)

My rating will be 8/10 and The support on the site is excellent; without a doubt it is one of the best, if not the best free hosting services I have ever used.If you are planning for “not too big” the go for this host.