Almost every day hundreds of threads are created on webmaster’s forums about limited PayPal account. I am using the PayPal account from last two years and my account got limited once. I contacted their support several times about this issue and came to know about various reasons why an account gets limited.

Although once your account gets limited there’s no way to restore it without sending them the required documents. So it’s always better to take care about your account so that it doesn’t get limited. Here are a few major reasons why so many PayPal account gets limited.

New account and unverified accounts: New accounts, especially unverified accounts often get limited just after their 1st transaction. PayPal monitor these accounts very closely so it’s always better to use correct account details while registering so that you can provide the required documents in case your account gets limited. Verifying your account is always a good idea. All you need is a valid credit card. Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) works quite nicely for verification but using VCCs for PayPal verification process is illegal and you may lose your account if they come to know about this.

Account verification : If your account is unverified then it have the highest chances for getting limited, cause unverified accounts  are often used by scammers for money laundering. Verifying accounts is quite easy and it gives all the information about your real address, bank account and other financial details to paypal so if you don’t verify your account then PayPal may assume that you are doing something phishy. Who knows maybe the biggest scam of this century :P

Using proxy or using multiple IPs: Accessing a premium/personal accounts from various IP address or account you account from proxy will surely get our account limited. Premium and personal PayPal accounts are for single users. For multiple users opt for Paypal Business account.

Accessing PayPal from your mobile : Don’t use your mobile browser to access directly. Instead use before that, you will have to activate your PayPal mobile Account .Visit PayPal mobile for more details. Even using the browsers like Opera mini OR Teashark is risky cause both of them uses proxy server for browsing.

Amounts withdrawal: Limit your 1st amount withdrawal to a small amount especially if you have an unverified account. Withdrawing a very heavy amount from your brand new account seems like some kind of scam to PayPal so limit your first PayPal withdrawal to something like 100$ and increase the amount slowly.

Account Details: Don’t change your account details frequently. This will raise a flag on your account. Keep all the details current and make sure that you have all the required documents to prove all those account details. A photo I-card with your address or a utility bill with your name and address is sufficient.

Number of disputes : If you have any dispute on your PayPal account then try to solve then ASAP and try to keep the number of disputes below two at a same time. Too many complains or a dispute regarding your account is not good for you.

Dealing with large amounts : If you are dealing with very huge amounts say about 1000USD then its always recommended to split up the receiving and withdrawal process to small amounts.If possible then always try to split up the payments below 500USD.Also do not try to withdraw the whole amount immediately after receiving.

Even after all these precautions your account gets limited then don’t waste your time but sending them “you suck” emails OR creating “PAYPAL IS A FRAUD” threads on forums. Just mail them the required documents and your account will get unbanned within 48 hours.