Tips : How to earn rapidshare points easily !

How to earn rapidshare points

So as you have reached to this page I guess you are an downloading junkie ;) and you know what rapidshare is!

Also most probably you know about the free and premium rapidshare accounts.Let me start from “what is rapidshare?”
Rapidshare is a file hosting service which provides a hassle free and very easy feature of uploading your files so that you can share those with others .Alternatively the downloaders can call it very annoying and a comparatively costly file sharing service.There’s another definition : Rapidshare is a file hosting monopoly :| ,It have a monopoly over all the other file hosting sites

There is a limitation like waiting time,Single file at a time etc. for those users who use the free mode of downloading from rapidshare.whereas the premium account doesn’t have any such limitation.

A premium account cost about 10 USD for one month account alternatively you can also create a premium account from the rapidshare points which you have earned from your collectors account.You require 10000 points to get one month of rapidshare premium account.

You will get 1 rapidshare point/download if the downloader downloads the file which you have uploaded,  via that rapidshare link as a free user AND your file is bigger than 1 MB also the downloader has generated less than 5 points in the last hour.

Seems like impossible??! Nop! actually it’s not that difficult.

Let me share some tips to get tones of rapidshare points easily BUT first . .. . . . (more…)

A trip to titwala

This Sunday my family and I,Along with my uncle and aunt, took a trip to titwala ganesh temple.

We went there by a road as it’s not too far from ambernath and it was really memorable especially the Ulhasnagar roads :p.They are so messy and confusing .We were lost there for about half an hour,but finally we found the correct way.

It was 7 in morning so the roads were quite empty..

A little about tiwala

Titwala is a small town near Kalyan in Maharashtra, India. It is the site of a venerated temple of Ganesha, and also the putative site of the hermitage where Shakuntala was born.

Siddhivinayaka Temple at Titwala is a popular temple around. Pilgrims floods in lakhs here on ‘Angarika Chaturthi’ a Holy day in Hindu culture. Tuesday is day of Ganapati, attracts decent number of ‘Bhakt’ to this Temple.

Wikimaipa link

Here are some snaps I took ,although taking photos was prohibited ;)



I really enjoyed the trip :)

DLINK GLB-502T ADSL2+ router configuration for Bsnl dataone

This tutorial is about configuring the router D-LINK GLB 502T ADSL2+ for usage with Dataone internet connection by BSNL

UPDATE  on 12oct 2008 : GLB 502T has been discontinued by D link and is replaced by 802C. This tutorial also works fine with D-Link 802C.

First connect all the equipments to your PC .Details about this is probably given on the manual

  • Now on windows go to control panel -> Network Connections

  • Select “Local Area Connection” and right click it . . . (more…)

Redirecting the root of website to a folder using htaccess

Many people make a common mistake while installing the blogs on their domain,What they do is they install the blog on some folder rather than the root of the website.Hence the address of the blog becomes something like without keeping any content on the root of the site (i.e.

That’s not the only case,Many times by misake OR unknowingly they make their whole website on some other folder rather than the root.and It become a mess to again shift the website one tree down

BUT there is one thing which could solve this issue without moving the whole website,That’s redirecting the users from the root -> to that folder.

Redirection can be made using META tags or using .htaccess file .Use of .htaccess is recommended in redirection cases as many search engine penalizes for using a META refresh tags( as it is mostly used by keyword spammers)

So coming to the point, consider you own a domain “” And you want to redirect all the traffic form “” to “” then use these codes on the .htaccess file on the root (

These codes can also be used if you want .. .. . (more…)

Making vista style tabs / WMP11 tabs using photoshop

If you have tried Windows media player 11 then you must have seen the black tabs on the top.I liked them very much

So here’s a tutorial about how to make a very similar button

Final Result will be


Lets start with the
Tools required

Adobe Photoshop 8 or higher


· Start Photoshop and create a new document of size 300 *50
· Now select the white color from the color panel . . .. .. (more…)

Orkut is banned you fool

So Are you getting this error message

“Orkut is banned you fool,the administrator didn’t write this programme guess who did ? muhahaha”

white opening ORKUT
You must be getting the similar message for Youtube and Firefox

Youtube :

“Youtube is banned you fool,the administrator didn’t write this programme guess who did ? muhahaha”

Firefox :

“Firefox is banned you fool,the administrator didn’t write this programme guess who did ? muhahaha”

Here is the solution for this problem (more…)

Review of a free webhost –

After 3 years being with at last I shifted my website form to

As you have already noticed this blog is also hosted by freehostia and believe me its the best
when it comes to free hosting.Although both 50webs and freehostia are owned UK-based LiquidNet Ltd. but freehostia is better.

As times are changing my needs are changing.First the “basic html” was more than sufficient for me by I am slowly shifting to server side languages .So I need better features,which are provided by freehostia.

Here is my review on freehostia

Free offerers most of the features of paid hosting for free like php,mysql etc. with a huge limit of 5GB bandwidth per month.They provide all details of bandwidth usage by their own system.
The siginup is easy and one can quickly start his own site .
If a person wants to start his blog then he can easily install wordpress using “elephante free scripts” in the control panel
They offer 2 domian,10 subdomain,1 database(of 10 mb), and storage of (more…)

“MY PC needs rest !”

No No!! Its not may parents who are saying this !! It’s my router.

I haven’t shutdowned my PC from the last 3 days !

Screenshot my router showing the system up-time

My Router

And now my router has stopped working :|
..It need some rest.

Increase SMS storage capacity in z550i

For this tutorial you need to follow the same procedure till step number (26) of my earlier post Customizing z550i using Farmanager and XS++ then follow the procedure given below

  • After reaching to step number 26 of my earlier post ,you will be able to access the file system of your phone Now!
  • Browse to the folder /ifs/settings/messaging

Browsing folder of z550i to increase SMS storage limit

  • Select the file “pref_store.txt” press F4 to edit it.
  • (more…)

Customizing z550i using Farmanager and XS++

Note : please set your screen resolution higher than 800*600 ,else you will not be able to see the images in this post

I am used to use series 60 mobile. So after purchasing my new z550i I was missing many things. S60 mobiles like 3230 ,N70 etc are highly customizable. Buy sadly Sony Erricson phones are not that easy to customize So I am writing a tutorial about what all a person can do with his Sony z550i phone

First of all for In this post I am posting how to access the system files (i.e the file system) of Sony Erricson z550i. Now after accessing the filesystem lots of modifications can be done,Which I will post later.

Software required:

1. Far Manager + SEFP Plug-in + some other required files (Download Farmanager) – password for rar file : sumeetsays note this package of farmanager contains many other necessary file .so It is necessary for you to download this file even if you are already having another version of FARMANAGER with you (more…)