Maintain and Manage multiple email accounts from one Gmail account

Probably you have 100s of email IDs, One for your official works, one for personal usage, one for spam protection, one for registering on various sites, one for your website and so on. Although having multiple emails gives the convenience to do your work systematically and saves your from unwanted emails/SPAM but it’s a real big mess when you have to login each of them regularly just to check mails. Life is already complicated, why make it worse. Here’s a method to maintain multiple email accounts from a single Gmail account. You will be able to receive and send mail from that single Gmail account using all of your IDs. First of all you will require a Gmail account .If you don’t have one then create one by visiting It’s free and you don’t require any invitation. The signup procedure is easy and fast. In this example we are considering 3 email Ids

  • 1 in Gmail
  • 1 in yahoo pro mail (free accounts doesn’t have forwarding feature)
  • 1 pop3 account ( your website etc)

After going through this guide you will be able to manage all your email accounts form one single Gmail account .You will be able to receive all your mails on different IDs to this single Gmail account and will also be able to send emails from different ids using this same Gmail account. For example you will be able to receive all the mails in

  • (Gmail account ),
  • (yahoo pro account ) and
  • (POP3 Account )

on a single Gmail account ( in this case it will be ).And you will also be able to send emails as OR OR from the single account . For sake of simplicity we are going to call

  • as the master account
  • and child1 account
  • as child2 account
  • as child3 account

Now let’s start


STEP1(a)To retrieve mails from your POP 3 server

  • First of all login your master Gmail account (the mail ID from which you are going to maintain all the other email accounts) and click settings

Gmail Settings link

  • Now click on the “Accounts” tab and select “GET MAIL FROM OTHER ACCOUNTS” (Highlighted by green color on the image given below)

Gmail settings adding new account

  • Gmail provides a feature by which you can retrieve emails, from any email services who provides a POP 3 server .In our case we are going to use this feature to retrieve mails from our website’s ID (CHILD3 ACCOUNT )
  • To do so “Click add another mail account” On the next screen type your email ID ( in our case its ) and click “NEXT STEP”

Adding new POP3 accounts to gmail Step1

  • Fill all the details about your POP3 Server (contact your mail host OR web host for these details) and check the “Label incoming messages” option then click “Add Account” You should get the following message.

Adding new POP3 accounts to gmail Step2

This message means that now you will be able to read all the mails on your CHILD3 ACCOUNT, on this “MASTER ACCOUNT”

STEP 1(b) To Send emails as your POP3 ID from Gmail account

  • Now it will be great if you can also send email from your “CHILD3 ID” using this ‘MASTER ACCOUNT’. To do so, on this screen select “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as” and click ‘NEXT STEP’
  • Fill up the details and click next

Adding new POP3 accounts to send emails

  • On the next step click “Send Verification”

Gmail POP3 accounts verification

  • On the next step click “Close Window”
  • Now return to your inbox and wait for the verification email .I will take about 20 mins for Gmail to retrieve that email from your POP 3 server. If everything goes fine then you will receive the conformation email

Gmail POP3 accounts verification email

  • Open that email and click the verification link on that email. From now onwards you will be able to send your mails form your POP3 server using your “MASTER GMAIL ACCOUNT”
  • To verify this click “Compose mail” and you will notice a new option labeled “FROM” using which you can select the senders email

Gmails compose mail send as dropdown list


STEP2 (a)To retrieve mails from your gmail(child1) and yahoo(child2) accounts

Now its time to add the remaining “child1 account (” and “child2 account (“.To add your child1 account (Gmail account ) You will have to logout from your “MASTER ID” and will have to login to your CHILD1 ID (

  • Click on the setting link

  • Now click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and on that page check “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and type your MASTER EMAIL ID there, In this case its

Gmail POP3 and forwarding tab

  • Click “Save changes” button and logout from this ID.
  • Now log in to your Yahoo Pro account. Some regional yahoo IDS like “youremail@yahoo.CO.IN” (Yahoo INDIA) provides email forwarding feature for free on all the accounts. After logging in click OPTIONS located on the top-left

Yahoo mail Options

  • On the option page select POP Access and forwarding

Yahoo mail POP access and forwarding feature

  • On the next page fill out your master email ID on the forwarding box (In this case its )

Yahoo forwarding emails

  • Now logout from your yahoo account and login your MASTER GMAIL account (
  • We have forwarded both out child email IDs ( and ) to our master ID you will be able to receive all your email on these two child accounts on your master Gmail account. But we need to create labels in our master account to manage on these forwarded emails easily. To do this ,after login in your master Gmail account ( click settings

  • And select the Filters tab.Now click “Create new filter

Gmail settings creating filters

  • On the filter form enter your “CHILD1ID” ( on the “To:” box, then click “Next Step

Creating gmail filter for labeling

  • On the next page check mark “Apply the label” option and from the dropdown select “new label” and type your “CHILD1” email ID on the “label name

Creating new labels for filters

  • Click “OK” and press the “Create filter” button. Repeat the same step for your “CHILD2 ID” ( and create a label titled
  • Your “FILTER TAB “Should be showing a similar following summary

Gmail filters summary

STEP2(b) To send emails as your Gmail (child1) and yahoo (child2) accounts

Now we need the feature to send email as “CHILD1” and “CHILD2 ID” from our “MASTER GMAIL ID” .To do so Click the setting link on the top right hand side of your MASTER GMAIL account, go to accounts tab and click “Add Another Email Address

  • On the next BOX fill our “CHILD1 ID” (as shown below) and click NEXT STEP

  • Next is the verification step, So click the “send verification” button

  • And close the window. Repeat the same steps for your CHID2 ID.

  • Now logout your “MASTER GMAIL ACCOUNT” and Log in your “CHILD1 ID” to check the verification email (BTW you can also find the same email right on your “MASTER GMAIL ACCOUNT” cause you have already forwarded all the emails. It should be there by now ).Click on the verification link of that email.(I am not posting the screenshot of this step).
  • After conforming both the CHILD accounts .Login to your “MASTER GMAIL ACCOUNT” and click the COMPOSE link. Now on the dropdown list you should see all your email IDS from which you can send emails

Gmails send as drop down list Multiple Emails

  • So everything is done. You will now manage all your mails on different IDs from your “MASTER GMAIL ACCOUNT” ( ) and will also be able to send emails from different ids using this same Gmail account. You can easily categorize and manage your emails on these IDS using the labels

Gmail labels for multiple emails

I know this tutorial was a little messy cause there are too many email IDs involved but there’s no alternative to this. I tried posting screenshots of all the important steps. If you have any doubt OR you find any error/mistake then pleases OR you have some better suggestions then please comment. Your comments will be helpful.