Things you should know before reading this : TLD -Top level domain ; gTLD-generic top-level domains example ; ccTLD – country code top-level domains example – .us /in

  • and are the only “single letter” .com ever registered ,After the registration of these two domains the registration of “single letter”.coms were prohibited .Currently is owned by and is owned by paypal labs
  • Domains can’t end/start with a “-” hyphen .None of the registrar will allow you to register any such domain BUT is the only website which was registered before this rule was established hence it is the only domain which ends with a “-” hyphen
  • Although no one knows , what is the most expensive domain ever sold but as per Guinness Book of World Records is the most expensive domain name in the world.It was sold to Marc Ostrofsky 1999 for a price of $7.5 million.But few recent studies shows that was the most expensive domain ever sold (about 14 million ) , although the actual figure is unknown.
  • The domain extension .TV is mostly used for Television /music/entertainment related websites but actually its a ccTLD ( COUNTRY CODE TLD ) of Tuvalu an island in South Pacific.Similarly the ccTLD .FM belongs to Federated States of Micronesia
  • There are over 250 TLD ( including ccTLD like .us/.in and gtld like .com)
  • .example , .invalid, .localhost and .test are the four reserved TLD and will never ever become an actual TLD
  • Similar to ccTLD and gTLD, “iTLD” which is used exclusively for Internet-infrastructure purposes ! .arpa (confirmed) and .root (existing without any reason) are the two extensions under this category