For this tutorial you need to follow the same procedure till step number (26) of my earlier post Customizing z550i using Farmanager and XS++ then follow the procedure given below

  • After reaching to step number 26 of my earlier post ,you will be able to access the file system of your phone Now!
  • Browse to the folder /ifs/settings/messaging

Browsing folder of z550i to increase SMS storage limit

  • Select the file “pref_store.txt” press F4 to edit it.
  • You will see the content as shown in the pic


  • Edit edit the path /smsdata to read as /tpa and press F2 to save and F10 to quit the editor
  • Now browse to the root of the FS using “..” folders in thetop of folder list

Browsing to the root of FS of z550i

  • Go inside the folder “tpa”
  • and make the following directories to be read as


  • To make folders just go inside the folder where you want the sub-folder and press F7 and type the folder name in the box.
  • Now refer back to the old post “Customizing z550i using Farmanager and XS++” and follow the steps form 27 to 37 under procedure category
  • That’s all . .enjoy the unlimited SMS storage

Note : I am not responsible if you screw up you phone while doing this.This method is used by various persons and are successful.hence there are very less chances that there is some problem in this method.

Please DO NOT COPY THIS TUTORIAL .If you post it in youe SITE/BLOG the please link back to this page