This tutorial is about configuring the router D-LINK GLB 502T ADSL2+ for usage with Dataone internet connection by BSNL

UPDATE  on 12oct 2008 : GLB 502T has been discontinued by D link and is replaced by 802C. This tutorial also works fine with D-Link 802C.

First connect all the equipments to your PC .Details about this is probably given on the manual

  • Now on windows go to control panel -> Network Connections

  • Select “Local Area Connection” and right click it . . .
  • Select Properties

  • Select TCP/IP in that box ->properties
  • Enter the details as follows

Set IP Address As
Subnet Mask As
Default Gateway As
Preferred DNS
Alternate DNS

  • Save settings and restart the computer.
  • Open your browser (preferably Internet Explorer ) and goto
  • Input as follows


  • Now goto setup Tab then click on new connection (see left)

  • Now fill the details as follows

Name – BSNL

Type – bridge

Sharing – disable


Priority Bits:0
Encapsulation :LLC
VCI -35
Leave all others at default values Then click apply

  • The go to TOOLS tab
  • Click “system command” (left hand side)
  • Click “save all”

  • Apply and restart the modem.
  • Now goto Control Panel->Network Connections
  • Create New connection (and a wizard will pop up)

  • Click Next

  • Connect to Internet(Select the radio button and click next)

  • Setup My connection Manually(select it and click next)

  • Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password (select it and click next)

  • ISP name (type something, anything and click next)

  • Type in the User name and password given to you in the specified columns also select the other options if you want to (and click next)

  • If you want to add a shortcut of connection to desktop, check that square box and click finish.
  • Double Click the Icon in the desktop to connect to the BSNL Dataone broadband connection, and either double click the same icon or right click the system tray icon to disconnect from BSNL Dataone broadband connection.

If you have any doubts OR queries then ask it here