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I am used to use series 60 mobile. So after purchasing my new z550i I was missing many things. S60 mobiles like 3230 ,N70 etc are highly customizable. Buy sadly Sony Erricson phones are not that easy to customize So I am writing a tutorial about what all a person can do with his Sony z550i phone

First of all for In this post I am posting how to access the system files (i.e the file system) of Sony Erricson z550i. Now after accessing the filesystem lots of modifications can be done,Which I will post later.

Software required:

1. Far Manager + SEFP Plug-in + some other required files (Download Farmanager) – password for rar file : sumeetsays note this package of farmanager contains many other necessary file .so It is necessary for you to download this file even if you are already having another version of FARMANAGER with you

2. XS++ (Download XS++) – password for rar file : sumeetsays

Files Required:

1.You file system (F.S. ) “For example : Z550_R6CA009_ASIA_LEVAN_RED49″ Download it from according to your phone version. To know your version press: right * left left * left * ->service info->software info-> scroll down and go to ‘customizations’

2.You Main (Main OS ) “For example :R6CA009_GENERIC_RED49″ Download it from according to your phone . To know your version press: right * left left * left * ->service info->software info-> scroll down and go to ‘customizations’

3.Some other files like : “z550_p3k_dcu.49R.ssw” etc . Those are present in the Far manager’s rar file given above.

Hardware Required:

1.DCU-60 cable

After collecting all the files and software let’s start with the main procedure :

Procedure : Extract the far manager and XS++ form the rar file which you have downloaded from the above link given.

  • 1 > Open the XS++ directory on your PC
  • 2 >Disconnect your phone form your PC
  • 3 >Turn off phone
  • 4 >Remove the battery for 10 seconds and reinsert it
  • 5 >Start XS++ (xs++.exe) form the extracted directory.
  • 6 >Press the Start button

XS++ start page for modding z550i

  • 7 >Hold C Button on phone and connect phone.
  • 8 >Now you will notice that your phone has been detected


  • 9 >Now check “flash main firmware” click on the browse and select the file ‘z550_p3k_dcu.49R.ssw’.You will find the file “z550_p3k_dcu.49R.ssw” the plugin directory of Far manager which you have downloaded form the link mentioned above

Bowse to z550_p3k_dcu.49r.sww

  • 10 > Select that file and click the “Flash” Button of XS++ (it should mostly take about 12-20 seconds)
  • 11 >Then press the “close” button of XS++

DO NOT START YOUR PHONE .DONT PANIC ,IT WILL NOT START AT THIS STAGE. If in may step you get an error “epiusb.sys not found” then visit this link , download and install Sony Ericsson Update Service

  • 12 >Now go to the Far manager directory and start “Far.exe”
  • 13 >When you will start the FARMANAGER you will get this screen


  • 14 >Pressing Alt+F1 and select SEPF

Start FARMANAGER And select SEPF

  • 15 >Please note that the phone is turned off and the DCU-60 cable is connected to the computer but NOT the phone.
  • 16 >Make the selections as mentioned in the image below and hit “Enter The Matrix”
  • Configuration of FAR managet for z550i

  • 17 >You get this screen .just do as mentioned

    FAR Manager processing to start customising Z500I

  • 18 >After a successful connection is made you will get a screen like this

    Z550i Detected by farmanager

  • 19 >Now release the “C” Button
  • 20 >Double click FS to open it (Do not panic it will take about 3-4 mins to open FS )

  • 21 >You will get a screen like this

    Accesing FS of z550i using Farmanager

  • 22 >Pressing Alt+F2 lets you choose drive you want to see on the right hand side:

    Selecting drive for the second windows in FARMANAGER

  • 23 >Now you can easily modify/Copy /delete files from your phone memory
  • 24 >To copy file from your hard-disc, select the drive in the right hand side panel by pressing Alt+F2 .Go to the folder/file which you want to transfer to the file system.To select file press “insert” key. Select the folder using the left hand site file browser (i.e. you phone’s FS) and browse to the desired directory in.Then drag the files form the right hand side (PC File browser which you have selected) to the left hand site (phone’s FS )
  • 25 >Now you can do as many customization as you want .I will post all the things which all can be done by modifying the FS of the Phone later.

EDIT : see the end of this post for the list of thinks which can be modified

  • 26 >Now as all the customizations are done ,Its time to wind up all the things to make the phone working again

HOW to exit Far manager

  • 27 >IMPORTANT! When you’ve finished with the changes on the phone move up to the root of the filesystem (by clicking “..”, until you get this screen:


    And answer “Yes” to SHUTDOWN the CSFSloader. Otherwise your changes will not be made on the phone. And the phone could become unusable.

  • 28 >You close FAR Manager by pressing F10:

    Exiting Far Manager

    And answering “Yes”

Now you need to repatch the phone to make it start working again

  • 29 >Start xs++
  • 30 >Press the Start button

Repatching z550i to make the phone in working condition

  • 31 >Hold C Button on phone and connect phone.
  • 32 >Now you will notice that your phone has been detected

Z550i detected by XS++

  • 33 >Now check “flash main firmware” click on the browse and select your “main firmware”(not Your FS) which you have already downloaded according to your phone form . (I have already mentioned about this in the “files necessary “section on the top of this tutorial)

An example

How To select the MAIN .Example for z550i

  • 34 >Select that file and click the “Flash” Button of XS++ (it should mostly take about 15-20 mins)
  • 35 >Then press the “close” button of XS++
  • 36 >Remove the battery form your phone
  • 37 >Reinsert it,and start your phone .It should work again normally

If you have any doubts OR if you find and problem in this post please post it in the comment section


Now! what all you can do by accessing the FS of your phone

Note : I am not responsible if you screw up you phone while doing this.This method is used by various persons and are successful.hence there are very less chances that there is some problem in this method.
Please DO NOT COPY THIS TUTORIAL .If you post it in your SITE/BLOG the please link back to this page