A trip to titwala

This Sunday my family and I,Along with my uncle and aunt, took a trip to titwala ganesh temple.

We went there by a road as it’s not too far from ambernath and it was really memorable especially the Ulhasnagar roads :p.They are so messy and confusing .We were lost there for about half an hour,but finally we found the correct way.

It was 7 in morning so the roads were quite empty..

A little about tiwala

Titwala is a small town near Kalyan in Maharashtra, India. It is the site of a venerated temple of Ganesha, and also the putative site of the hermitage where Shakuntala was born.

Siddhivinayaka Temple at Titwala is a popular temple around. Pilgrims floods in lakhs here on ‘Angarika Chaturthi’ a Holy day in Hindu culture. Tuesday is day of Ganapati, attracts decent number of ‘Bhakt’ to this Temple.

Wikimaipa link

Here are some snaps I took ,although taking photos was prohibited ;)



I really enjoyed the trip :)

College after one week

Well . .after one week bunking at last I went to collage today :P

Yesterday I missed the chance to give birthday Bumps to my friend ..VISHU . :(

But my other friends didn’t missed the chance

Here is the video (more…)