Get more traffic from digg & stumble by gaining more votes using personalized greeting message

Social Bookmarking Website like Digg and stumbleupon are one of the best source of traffic for your website.In fact about 70% of one of my website’s traffic comes from stumble.

The problem with the traffic from social networking websites is,that its not very consistent.You need to have more votes to get more traffic. In case of you need to have more digs where as for Stumbleupon you need more “thumbs up or reviews” to get a consistent traffic.

Let’s see how SU works.You give your thumb’s up to a page. Initially SU refers low traffic to that page (as per my knowledge ,initially they refer old and top stumblers to that page). If they give a thumbs up to that page then you get more traffic from SU until the ratio of THUMBS-UP per REFERS remains high.

So I coded a very simple javascript to greet users coming from the social networking websites and asking them to give a thumbs-up OR digg to that page.I tested this script for about one month and its worked very nicely,especially in case of Stumbleupon votes.

Its a very simple javascript which check the page refer using ( document.referrer) and an if-else ladder to find the case.Then a popup dialog box (using alert function) is used to display the message.


if ((document.referrer.indexOf( ‘digg’ ) > 1))
alert(“welcome Digg user.If you liked the content then please digg this page”);
else if
((document.referrer.indexOf( ‘stumbleupon‘ ) > 1))
alert(“welcome SU user.If you liked the content then please give a thumbs up to this page“);


Similarly you can add others if you want.You can also add google/yahoo/msn to greet users from search engines,but it makes no sense to greet users from search engine.

I am planing to code a wordpress plugin with this script after my exams get over. Although you can use this script directly on your wordpress blog. Just place this script in the <head> tag of the template. If you are using Joomla then you can use this script or you can also use a extension known as mfReferral

If you want to check this script, then you can use RefControl .

Current issues with this script:

  • Doesn’t work on IE6.I guess IE6 Doesn’t pass refer data to JavaScript.You will have to use php.
  • This script cannot sidtinguish between subdomain and domains.So and are the same for this script.

Please comment if you find this script useful :) .

Block The Visitors Who Are Using Ad-Blockers

While checking your website’s stats you may have thought that, although my site has a good traffic but my ad revenue very low, why so?? Then you might have tried all the different positioning, color and format of ads to make them more attractive.

Actually the main problem is ,even you make changes to your ad formats to make it more visible and attractive, majority of the visitors do not want to see them. Most of the regular Internet users uses ad-blockers. Especially in case of FireFox, people use an add-on named – Ad-block plus [Even I am using it :p ].

Ad Blocker gets both positive and negative reactions.Majority of people love it, as it blocks all those unwanted ads .On the other hand the webmasters hate this add-on as it disables the source of income for ad supported websites.

Let’s see what we can do to block/redirect these vis…. (more…)