BSNL Cellone GPRS Configuration settings

BSNL Cellone is one of the biggest cellular service provider in INDIA.Even though they are very huge, most probably the biggest mobile customer base in INDIA, their service is not up to the mark.Espically the customer care and Addon services (including the GPRS service) is very bad .BSNL Cellone was one of the 1st providers who started providing GPRS in INDIA.Although time passed many other companies came in market and due to the competition the price of GPRS was reduced by others,BSNL Cellone never bothered to review their 2 year old GPRS rates ..A freaking Rs 20 per MB (Approx 50 cent /MB). Anyways the speed is good.

BSNL Cellone have introduced many ways to provide their customers an “automatic configuration download system” ,By using these you can directly download the settings from internet to your mobile phone without any charges. (Although god knows why  they never ever notified their customers about this feature :-/ ) . To get your GPRS Settings automatically

Visit :

They will Send the settings to your phone within 5 mins (Well…There’s no gurantee :| .. Afterall Its BSNL )

If you do not get the settings then .. . . (more…)

DLINK GLB-502T ADSL2+ router configuration for Bsnl dataone

This tutorial is about configuring the router D-LINK GLB 502T ADSL2+ for usage with Dataone internet connection by BSNL

UPDATE  on 12oct 2008 : GLB 502T has been discontinued by D link and is replaced by 802C. This tutorial also works fine with D-Link 802C.

First connect all the equipments to your PC .Details about this is probably given on the manual

  • Now on windows go to control panel -> Network Connections

  • Select “Local Area Connection” and right click it . . . (more…)