Pagerank A very special criteria maintained by google to rank the importance of a webpage OR website.A Pagerank is one of the many important things a webmaster cannot ignore. In fact it is one of the the main motive of SEO.Pagerank is also a very important factor to analyze the overall value of a website.

Google measure the pagerank of a website by calculating the number of backlinks to that website OR webpage and hence it give rise to “Link Exchange”,”Reciprocal link placement” and even encourage “Link sales”.Many webmasters sell the links on high Pageranked pages .”Paid reviews” OR ” Paid Blog posts” works on the same concept of link building.So if you are also considering selling your links then head on to digitalpoint forums.BUT make a note that google penalize sites who sell their links so, try not to mention your website/Webpage’s address on the thread.

Also Google doesn’t index sites who are involved in “link exchange programs” SO don’t go near link farms, If you want to exchange link then find websites related to your content and EMAIL the webmaster personally.Its a good idea to say a few good things about their website and to mention the benefits of link exchange.A three way link exchange will be a good idea cause if Google finds a reciprocal link on both the website then it may penalize both websites for link exchange.

So Now if you want to exchange or sell your links then make a note of the pagerank of all your pages.You can check your page rank on the google toolbar ,and note them on a Excel sheet.BUT This process will be very painful if you have too many pages , So use the to check page rank of all your pages in bulk.You can also export the results in CVS Format.

Now as you are ready with the reports ,use google and find the websites which are related to your content and start emailing them.Also if you want to sell them then use the forums link digitalpoint and make a new post on their “LINK SALES” Section ,Don’t forget to mention your pagerank and the amount on the thread title,Also mentioning the Niche of your page in the thread title.